The business of real estate is multifaceted and has many different fields of activity. This often makes it difficult to find the right people to work with on an upcoming project. Networking and cooperations are an integral part of any construction or investment project as well as an important starting-off point for young architects, realtors and other professionals.

At HomeBase, the main focus is on networking and cooperation:

HomeBase is a coworking office in the middle of downtown Vienna, created specifically for entrepreneurs in the real estate business and its adjacent business sectors.

It is a place where architects, investors, construction companies, realtors, property managers, real estate financiers, developers and lawyers meet to make exciting things happen in the industry.

Whether you crave an inspiring atmosphere to exchange ideas with like-minded people during a coffee break or a networking event, or you want to find a team to realize a project with:

HomeBase is your starting point for a wide professional network and productive work. Enjoy the comfort of „home“ but with the added benefit of being able to provide everything in one place to your client – in a professional environment and a prestigious office in Downtown Vienna!